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Parental Engagement

Fordyce Primary School Aberdeenshire Constitution (002)
Curriculum for Excellence Parent Volunteering for Active Learning


As a result of consulting with parents, pupils and staff as part of our ongoing self evaluation process, Fordyce Primary School values the opportunity for all parents to contribute in a successful two way partnership in supporting learning.

As a parent, the benefit of volunteering to come along to support Active Learning in school will allow you to have a closer understanding of how your child achieves the four capacities of the Curriculum for Excellence and how this impacts on your child’s Learning Experience.

We are offering parents the opportunity to engage in Active Numeracy, Active Literacy – Phoneme activities and Writing activities.

If you are interested in participating in this experience, parents need to read the Aberdeenshire Council’s Volunteer Agreement and Plan Policy and the Confidentiality Agreement Guidance, which they can request by emailing to the school inbox. These would then be signed following a meeting with the Head Teacher, where the shared expectations would be agreed.